WHY being present is being happy.


most humans fall into two categories of thinkers:

■ PAST thinkers

□ FUTURE thinkers


■ PAST thinkers find themselves replaying a recent embarrassing moment over and over again.

■ PAST thinkers often feel guilt or remorse over a big decision they felt could have gone better or wish they could change.

■ PAST thinkers may experience depression or nostalgia for something or someone from their past.


□ FUTURE thinkers find themselves constantly counting down to an event or vacation up ahead.

□ FUTURE thinkers often feel disappointed or incomplete because there’s always a bigger and better reward to be had or a new goal to achieve.

□ FUTURE thinkers may experience anxiety because they’re nervous about a date or a presentation or an awkward conversation coming up soon.


either of these resonate with you? ■🤷🏻‍♀️□

because i DEFINITELY used to be a heavy PAST thinker - with the occasional FUTURE thinker day thrown in here or there 🙃

but now i’m out here living in a whole new THIRD CATEGORY of thinking, baby! 😎

and it’s making life SO much easier. and happier. and just significantly better.

let’s call it: PRESENT thinking. 🙌🏼

👉🏼 focusing only on the here and now.

👉🏼 choosing only to think of this very moment and what’s happening RIGHT NOW.

because that’s where LIFE. HAPPENS.

the right now.

think about it: the past has already left us. and the future is something we will never be able to grasp in our hands.

because as soon as the future arrives, it immediately becomes the PRESENT.

so you will never BE in the future.

you will only ever have the ability to BE in the present moment.

you may remember the past and you may visualize the future - but you yourself, will only ever EXIST in this present moment.

your ENTIRE LIFE unfolds in the present.

so tell me?

why are so many of us trying so desperately to live in the past?

why are so many of us wasting away precious days counting down for a brighter future?

why are so many of us letting the PRESENT moment slip us by totally unappreciated?

but what if you stopped worrying about what’s to come?

what if you stopped wishing you could have the past back?

what if you learned to be a PRESENT thinker instead?

do you think you would feel less anxiety?

do you think you would feel less depression?

…less guilt?

…less anger?

…less remorse?

…less self hate?

do you think the answer MIGHT be a “yes” to one of those questions?

then girl, let’s get working on it!!

let’s get you thinking in the PRESENT moment, living in the PRESENT moment and appreciating the PRESENT moment.

let’s leave your past behind, forget about the future and live in the here and now together.


if you’re into this post and would love to read another about HOW to do the living, thinking and appreciating the present 👉🏼 LET A GIRL KNOW!

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thank you so much for reading and exploring this exciting new outlet with me 🤓

chat soon!

xo dani 💫