health coaching services

I'm looking for highly motivated people who want to

improve their overall health and happiness,

who know that feeling good is about more than just diet and exercise!

Someone who is ready to understand how all areas of your life are connected and affect your wellbeing.

Is stress at work affecting your eating patterns?

Is your lack of sleep preventing you from maintaining a workout schedule? Is depression or anxiety keeping you from achieving bigger and better things? Together we will assess all areas of your life and make the right

mindful changes to improve your health and happiness.

things we can improve together:

  1. Self-criticism

  2. Negativity

  3. Body-shaming

  4. Self-doubt

  5. Anxiety

  6. Depression

  7. Eating disorders

  8. Insomnia and other sleep problems

  9. Feeling lost / confused

  10. Feeling unmotivated / unsure

photographed by Haley McClain @haley.mcclain